Harry's Engineering



Async Testing With Jasmine and MooTools

By: Andy O'Neill

Unit testing asynchronous code can be tricky, but for Javascript this is a problem that needs to be solved on day one. As heavy RSpec users we took to Jasmine...
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Dynosaur: A Heroku Autoscaler

By: Andy O'Neill

We are excited to announce the first release of Dynosaur, our Heroku autoscaler that uses the Google Analytics Live API to dynamically provision Heroku dynos based on the number of...
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Using Asana for Code Review

By: Andy O'Neill

Why Asana? We recently switched our three-person (and growing) engineering team to use Asana for an agile-ish workflow. By ‘ish’ I mean we are doing test-driven development in short iterations...
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Open Source & Engineering Culture

By: Daniel Schwartz

The open source community is a magical thing. Need an A/B testing platform? How about an entire admin interface? How about built-in Facebook authentication? There are projects for all of...
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